IMG_9752Hi, we’re the Streets!

We’ve made the big move from our comfortable little existence in Auckland, and trekked the five of us (and our two needy cats) down to build a new life, and a new house, in Wellington.

Martin is a Communications Specialist, which really means Mere has no idea what he does all day. He tells her he is very busy at work all the time but she has her doubts and thinks he probably spends more time making inappropriate jokes around the office. Our big move was made possible because he is transferring inter-office, and has continued annoying all his team-mates from his new desk in Wellington. He is super helpful around the house (Mere often thinks he’d make a better house-wife than she ever has), and brushed up his DIY skills during the never-ending process of getting our Auckland home ready for sale. He needs music on at all times to function. The best part of everyones day is when Dad arrives home!

Mere is a full-time mum, and part-time lifestyle photographer. Essentially  she escapes the bedlam at home, hangs out with other families, drinks their coffee, snaps photos of them having a fun time, realises every family has a little bedlam of their own going on, and goes home again to edit all the authentic family goodness she captured, and appreciate the beauty in her own madhouse. She lives on coffee and lack of sleep, adores spontaneous dance parties with the kids, and is terrible at keeping on top of folding the washing.

Dita (8), Arlo (6) and Ezra (3) are our mad little people, with quirky personalities being their specialty! Dita loves art and crafts, is a member of our local Brownie troop, and has been learning the violin this year. She wants to grow her hair down to her bum, and is fearless when it comes to her own personal safety (rollercoasters are her jam). Arlo is enjoying his first season of rugby, following on from his dads own childhood passion, and is coming around slowly to the idea of school being necessary. He is currently super interested in volcanoes, birds of prey, and anything to do with the weather – and can always strike up a conversation about space and the planets. Ezra is Star Wars obsessed (it helps that Arlo has a healthy interest in it too, because everything Arlo does is A-OK with Ezzy), a passionate nudist (we manage to restrict this just to at home, but he’d be nude 24/7 if it was socially acceptable) and knows how to use the iPad better than any of us.

So this is us! We moved to Wellington in January 2017, and are now renting while we wait for our brand new home in the hills above Newlands, which will be a whole new experience for us in itself. We are going to share all the ups and downs, excitement and stress of changing almost everything in our  lives in search of a big, new adventure!