Last week Ezra, our little spitfire, turned four. It seems incredible to me that he’s that big already, but I can’t really remember life without him either – life is certainly louder, more chaotic, messier, and I never get to go to the bathroom in peace, but man, the laughter, smiles, cuddles and warm little body tucked up in bed with us 3 times a week makes it so very worth it.

His big request this year was for a big Lego haul (and a pirate treasure chest from Poppa and Nana Shell, since he has coveted Arlo’s one for the last two and a half years), and everyone delivered in a major way. He has amassed a sizeable collection and is already pulling it to bits and making incredible new creations out of it all – his specialty.

After presents and cards he had a very exciting day with dad, who took him out for lunch and to his weekly gymnastics class. While Martin kept him busy, I surprised the bigs with an early pickup from school and a mystery ride out to the airport to collect an extra special present – Grandy and Uncle Alex, in town for one night only! The kids were so delighted to see them walking through their gate and sprinted for cuddles. Ezra, in typical Ezra fashion, when he arrived home to his surprise visitors, simply smiled and said “Grandy, it’s my birthday!” as if she’d just popped in from across the road.

We all went for a dinner out, where I can report everyone behaved beautifully (praise the Lord, it is never a given thing taking three children anywhere public that they will do as is expected of them). The next morning we picked Grandy and Alex up from their motel and explored Te Papa, showing them all our favourite exhibits ❤ A quiet afternoon at home followed, where we all just enjoyed one another’s company (and Alex was put to work helping with all Ezzy’s Lego) before heading to the airport to drop them off for their flight again.

It all went too quickly, but it was just so lovely to have family around on a special day – not just for Ezra, but for all of us. Thank you to everyone who made Ezra’s day as awesome as it was, your phone calls, cards ands presents were so appreciated, and we can’t wait to see you all in Auckland over the school holidays soon! ❤



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