There is something about Sunday’s in our house – somehow, no matter how grand our Saturday is, no matter how well we all sleep or start the day with the best of intentions, Sunday almost always inevitably ends up with feral children and grumpy stressed parents. This particular Sunday it was threatening rain too, which is the trifecta! Instead of staying inside the house and battling it out to the death, we opted to brave the weather and visit the Botanic Gardens for our first time since our move.

Martin and I were a little skeptical that we’d make it up to the playground with everyone’s moods being as dark as they were, but being in the gorgeous surrounds and the fresh air definitely lightened all our spirits and even the littlest Street managed to walk his bike up the sizeable hill to the excellent kids playground.

After lots of runs on the flying fox, some sliding, swinging and a few spins on the rocktopus later, I think we all felt remarkably normal again. We only made it through a tiny part of the park too, so this has been marked for another Feral Sunday in the future to shake the grumps loose – it was an excellent remedy!



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