It’s been a while since I’ve given any update on our new build, and theres a reason for that – there’s not much to update. We’ve made all the exciting decisions, the slab is laid and ready (and a thing of beauty!) but now we have reached a point of wait, wait and wait some more before further progress. Deep breaths.

This was a big source of stress for us and I kept finding myself doing a sneaky drive-by the section most days, fueling the frustration that things weren’t moving forward. Martin was well tired of listening to my rants about things completely out of his control, and I was sick of thinking about how slow going it has been.

This week I decided I needed to reframe my thinking, instead of focusing on what isn’t happening with the build I could instead appreciate our current living situation. Our little rental is quirkily lovely, with lots of character and more space than we’ve even been used to. We have quickly made it our own and filled it with noise, mess and love. Taking the time to capture the little spaces that bring me joy was an amazing exercise in gratitude and understanding that our home is where our heart is – one day our home will be our lovely new house on the hill, but right now our home is right here.



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