I was royally spoilt for Mothers Day this year. A sleep in, coffee delivered to me in bed, along with three littles proffering handmade cards and gifts, and the promise of a day ahead with my best people. Martin packed a bag with snacks and drinks and we rugged up for the brisk morning outside, then headed to Avalon Park in Lower Hutt – we’ve driven past it a few times and it looked epic, so had been on our must visit list for a while.

An enormous playground, bike track, skate park and duck pond greeted us. The kids didn’t know where to go first! They loved the flying fox and all the climbing walls, along with the water play area where they had to work as a team to get the water from one end of the system to the other. The bigs had brought their scooters along and zoomed off to try out the huge bike track, while Ezra had his first turn on the little skateboard he got for Christmas – I think his favourite part was spending time with Dad, while he helped him get his balance and stay upright.

I always ask Martin to get some photos of me with the ratbags on Mothers Day, since I’m usually the one behind the camera – while we were getting the snacks ready I took my opportunity and love how it turned out. This is always the best gift I could get, tangible memories of me being their mum, for me and for them in years to come.

We had a quiet afternoon in the lounge enjoying the heat pump before we layered on plenty of clothes and ventured out again to experience the amazing Lux Exhibition down on the Wellington Waterfront. The kids absolutely loved the interactive light exhibits, and it was really fun being out with them at night for a change – the whole area looked completely different at night, it was both magical and surreal and I’m so glad we made the effort to get down there for it.

Thank you so much Street’s for giving me the very best Mothers Day I could have wished for. I feel so loved and appreciated, and incredibly grateful for my lovely family.



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