After a big week back at school and kindy, and our first Saturday morning of rugby for the big kids, we were lucky to have some unexpected free family time when Martin didn’t have a game on Saturday afternoon. We decided to use our favourite Wellington transport and catch the train in to town for a quick wander around the waterfront and just enjoy being all back together after the school holidays!

We didn’t have a plan, but that is often the best way to go with three kids who get tired, grumpy, lose interest or start fighting with one another. Any plans are liable to be quickly discarded anyway, so we just headed in the general direction of the waterfront and went where the kids led. There is always lots to look at in the city, and this weekend was no different – they were setting up for the Lux Exhibition, a festival of lights that takes over the city, Frank Kitts playground is always a must do, the markets were on where we snagged some dumplings, and since we were in the area we detoured to Te Papa for a quick dinosaur dig and visit the colossal squid.

Since everyone managed so well with all our wandering we thought a treat was in order – Crocshakes are all over my Instagram feed and I thought it was about time we sampled their amazing selection of treats. The bigs loved their shakes, and Ezra enjoyed his ice cream until he saw the size of the milkshakes he’d forgone and had a great whopper of a tantrum on the concrete outside. Thankfully we’re old hands at three year olds losing their minds and could laugh off the stares we were getting, and Ezra got on with finishing his delicious ice cream while vowing he’d wait for a milkshake next time.

Then it was a quick train ride home, finishing off a big afternoon of adventure and family time. We were all exhausted and landed firmly on the couch for movie night and easy dinner!



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