So we made it! To Auckland and back to Wellington, in the car, me solo with three children. In my opinion it went far better than I could have ever anticipated – the kids were incredible on the long drives, and generally pretty well behaved despite all the traveling circus type moving around we did.

I wish I’d photographed our adventure more than I managed, but the thought of getting through hundreds of personal photos on top of the thousands of client images I was taking felt incredibly overwhelming! So I shot when I could, when I remembered – some huge chunks of our time in Auckland are missing, but we have all the lovely memories tucked up in our brains, so its ok.

I think we figured out a lot of things we’d do differently in future trips (Martin joining us at some stage for example, two weeks was way too long away from him) but for a first time I’m really happy with how it went. I hope all the grandparents who kindly put us up, fed us, did our washing and babysat, are all resting up and feeling a little more relaxed now we’re safely back in Wellington! Thank you all for your incredible hospitality, I know that the holidays will always be a very anticipated adventure in our house and that the memories you helped to create for us over those two weeks will last a lifetime for these three ratbags.

Without further ado, here is a small selection of our Auckland holiday…



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