It was a pretty average day for us here. About lunchtime I discovered Alfie (our mad Tonkinese cat baby) had a sizeable gash on the back of his thigh so it was off to the vets we went. Thankfully the vets were absolutely lovely and able to fit his surgery in today, so he’s already tucked back up with us at home tonight…but it cost a bomb. And while I was chatting with the vet about their plans for the cat, Ezra moved my phone from the chair I’d popped it on, dropped it, smashed my screen and rendered it useless. So all in all, not a super positive day around here.

Once I got everyone into bed tonight, I flipped through my camera like I do most nights, reflecting on what I’d managed to capture amongst the chaos of our day. And from the photos I remembered that Ezra and I had a lovely morning together while the rain poured outside, baking chocolate and coconut scones. He was in his PJ’s (there is never a happier Ezra than one who gets to spend the day in his jammies), and we worked as a team to make a delicious morning tea. In the midst of all the cat and phone drama (first world problems alert) I’d forgotten all about the loveliness of the morning. Another reason to be grateful for keeping my camera close, and a reminder that there were plenty of moments today to be appreciative for.




  1. Jane street says:

    Hi to you all. It never rains but pours ah!! Sounds like a super expensive day all around however the scones looked delicious & you had a super lovely morning.


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