The biggest downside of our move was always going to be the new distance between us and family. We are so lucky to have a big, super-supportive extended family, and our weekends almost always involved visits to some/all of the grandparents. The kids have never known any different, their entire family has always been close and a big part of their everyday lives. We knew that being in a different city was going to be challenging for all of us.

Thankfully all our grandparents are adventurous souls willing to visit, who also have space to spare for us in their homes. This weekend Martin’s parents, Nana and Grandad, came to spend the weekend, and it was an excellent excuse for all of us to explore some new places, show them how life works for us down here right now, and eat all the food!

We met them at the airport, and it was so lovely seeing their happy faces come through the arrivals gate. The kids excitement was palpable, and it was so heartwarming to have family near us again. I didn’t take as many photos that first day as I’d planned, simply because we immersed ourselves in the process of catching up, but we visited the building site in Woodridge and showed off our little rental house, before heading out to a delicious dinner at The Southern Cross. The kids totally went OTT on treats, but their smiles and full bellies were 100% worth it.

Sunday was for adventure, we made a quick stop at Mt Vic, then drove around the coast, from Miramar through to Seatoun, where we stopped for a quick ice block and coffee, then onwards through Lyall and Island bay. The kids had their rugby club day, and serendipitously it was being held at their school – so we managed to kill two birds with one stone and show off their lovely little school and kindy, and give them a taste of what the rugby season ahead holds for us! Then Nana and Grandad offered to watch the ratbags so Martin and I could escape for a lovely child-free dinner at an amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant, The Botanist. Being able to order almost anything off the menu was a rare treat indeed ❤

In a way, having family here made me feel the distance even more – its easy when you’re busy with your regular life to just get on with what needs to happen, but when you are reminded of how special and necessary time with family is, you notice its absence all over again. I’m so looking forward to giving myself and the kiddos some very anticipated time with all our special people, family and friends, over the school holidays in a couple of weeks time. We are so very lucky that we have all these amazing people to miss us too.



4 thoughts on “NANA & GRANDAD COME TO STAY, APRIL 2017

  1. Graham says:

    Hi Mere. Very well written. Nana & I had a great time. Lovely to see all you guys. Great to be able to spend time together. Missing u guys already. Nana trying to post a comment but hasn’t got there yet xxxx😃


  2. Jane street says:

    Hi guys we had a wonderful time & enjoyed every moment. The kids have grown so much & they are becoming incredible little people.
    Lovely to see were you are living & very exciting to see were your new house is going to be.
    Love to you all.
    Nana xxxx


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