On our way home from school drop off this morning Ezra spied a train filling with passengers at Johnsonville. In his best hard-done-by voice he expressed his deepest, most heartfelt desire to ride on the train “like daddy” (along with plenty of “its not fair” and “why can’t I go to work” yadda yadda), and with Thursday stretching out ahead of us I decided to make it happen.

We prepared for the apocalypse that is leaving the house with E, with jackets (too cold) and snacks (too hungry) and comfy shoes (too hard) aplenty, and walked the 3 minutes down to our local train station. Can I just say how much I adore the Wellington train network? On time! Clean! Fast! It’s the best and because E is 3 he’s free, so for $8 we can get to town and back and turn it into a super fun experience.

Essentially our whistlestop visit to town included the train ride itself, eating snacks, looking for the letter E everywhere we went, some balancing on walls, climbing on things we probably shouldn’t have, a quick bite to eat, and then the same thing in reverse. It was an excellent way to fill in a foggy gray day, and I’d like to think Ezra’s antics gave more than a handful of people a wee smile or giggle along the way.



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