I’ve wanted to do a Day in the Life project for us for a really long time. Like years. But there was never a good time, a time when I was completely on top of my editing, or when I knew I could focus for the entire day on shooting. But going to bed last night I put my camera by the bed and cleared my memory card, knowing that I could make it happen today.

It was nice shooting completely without any pressure or expectation. On their own these images are just snapshots, many technically imperfect, but together they really sum up life right now for us. There were times when I couldn’t shoot as much as I wanted (during the mad morning rush as an example), or missed the moment I’d hoped to capture. I felt uncomfortable taking photos at the kids school, in front of parents who would no doubt wonder what on earth I was doing, and Arlo was at a play date this afternoon so he doesn’t feature as much as he would on a normal day.

All of that aside, I’m so glad I made the effort to carry my camera with me all day today. I love the story this tells, of our new life here. The laughter, the tantrums, the busy moments that evident through their absence. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to make the time to do this monthly and preserve the changes we all go through as life down here settles into its new rhythm.



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