In a spur of the moment decision I asked Dita and Arlo whether they’d like to join me for a climb to Mt Kaukau’s summit – the weather had managed to clear after a dreary morning, and we’d been talking about attempting it for a couple of weeks.

I went into the walk not expecting too much from them, given that when I’d been I’d found it pretty hard work. We chose to take the Truscott Ave route along the ridgeline, and despite being the longer way up, it wasn’t quite so intense which totally worked in our favour. The kids were incredible and managed the steps and hills, slippery from the rain, without complaint! A major win!

It was lovely to spend some time just hanging with these big kids who I so rarely get to enjoy as just the three of us. Dita commented on the way down that her favourite thing is to “be in nature, with the birds and the trees and just the breeze on my face” which made me realise how important it is to schedule this sort of activity for them – they’re old enough now to push through challenging walks, and we have so many amazing adventure spots right on our doorstep.



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