After what was an incredibly stunning day here I decided I needed to witness what I knew was going to be a special sunset. And by witness, I mean, not standing at the bottom of the garden, peering over the fence at it.

Since sunset is right on the kids bedtime, it wasn’t a practical plan for all of us to hike up the hill (its a tough walk for littlies anyway, with plenty of stairs and steep spots).  I had a wee brainwave and posted on a Wellington mums FB group to see whether any other locals were keen for a mission up Mt Kaukau for a treat of a view – one lovely lady came back and said she often made the trek up the hill and would love the chance to chat and get some exercise while I snapped away.

I’m so very glad my plan came together the way it did – I made a friend, got some really great exercise in, and satisfied my need for sunset photos. My heart was so full coming back down the hill, having seen our amazing city bathed in pinks, purples, blue and orange, having discovered hills and crevices I’d not seen before, having ticked this particular box I’d been mulling over all day. I know next time I make it up the hill it will be a completely different painting in the sky ❤



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