A huge part of the move for us has been settling the kids into their new school and kindy. In particular we were pretty worried about how Ezra would cope leaving his very special creche, which had become like a second home for our entire family! In typical Ezra fashion, he surprised us all and was super ready to get started at his new kindy in Wellington. Week after week he has happily gone along and accumulated friends, bonded with teachers, and shown us that he is really the adaptable third child after all (when he wants to be!).

In the first month of the term Kindy held a Trikathon! To say Ezra was excited would be an enormous understatement – he talked of nothing else for the week leading up to his “late night at kindy” (it finished at 6.30, his normal bedtime, and this bucking of the rules was perhaps the most anticipated part of the entire experience). He chose his current favourite dress up, Chase from Paw Patrol, and declared himself “the speediest” before we’d even gotten to the track.

Dita and Arlo were happy to come along and support him, especially because they were encouraged to zoom around on their scooters too – it was held on the courts of their little school, just adjacent to the kindy, so they felt right at home and loved being able to show Ezra all the little areas they’d discovered in their first weeks at the new school.

All in all, it was a lovely evening that all three kids enjoyed immensely (there was a moment we named lollipop-gate that shall never be discussed again, but apart from that, it was a good time!) and an awesome opportunity for all of us to feel a little more at home in our new places here.



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