One of my favourite parts of decorating is letting myself loose in the kids bedrooms. I have to admit, I find it hard to let them have too much input because I enjoy it so much myself, but as they get older and can better communicate their ideas it has become easier to find some compromise between my need for control and their dream bedroom ideas.

Dita is a little bit of a walking contradiction – she can be a super girly-girl and has always loved princesses and fairies, flowers and everything pink, but can also wrestle her brothers, get covered in mud from head to toe, and refuses to let me tie up her hair. I really want her Wellington bedroom to reflect both sides of her personality, the pretty girliness and the active, practical tomboy in her too.

She has loved looking through my Pinterest boards and happily pinned a bunch of ideas to her new bedroom board, which I’ve taken and added to. We have decided that all the kids will have white walls, with accessories that reflect their individual personalities, so that as they grow their rooms can grow with them. I’m leaning towards a blackboard wall in each room, since they are all really creative and I can see lots of amazing family time drawing on their walls (or just keeping them busy during lengthy time outs, haha!). I am drawn towards pops of colour, especially for the kids, and quirky details that embrace our kids quirky qualities.

Here are some of my favourite pins for Dita’s new room…



  1. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394494823/
  2. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394443244/
  3. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118395852710/
  4. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394494821/
  5. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394308900/
  6. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118395852658/
  7. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118391197312/
  8. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394501226/
  9. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394454420/
  10. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118392306597/
  11. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118395479688/
  12. https://nz.pinterest.com/pin/79587118394430296/

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